How I breastfed for 7 months with a full time job

Breast is best. Have you heard that saying before? If you are pregnant or have had a child then I’m going to assume you have. First i want to say that if you do not want to breastfeed your baby… THAT’S OK! Formula is great too! I tried breastfeeding with my first born and i just couldn’t produce enough. I struggled for 4 months and put a ton of pressure on myself for maybe one bottle of breast milk a day. I got to the point where it wasn’t worth it to me to struggle and be stressed out about it so i quit. And you know what??? My baby lived and is healthy and beautiful. The purpose of this rabbit hole is to just inform you that if is OK with WHATEVER you choose to do. Breastfeed or not.

Now that I got that out of the way. Let me first tell you that this post is about my breastfeeding journey with my second born. Which was much different then with my first born. I was more determined to make breastfeeding work the second time around. I also had a little more time to focus on it because my job allowed me to take a 10 week maternity leave vs the 6 week I had with my first. I think if you can afford it and if your job allows you to- you should take as much time with your baby you feel you need to in order to make this journey work for you.

The journey- When she was first born she literally stayed on my boob probably the entire 2 days we were in the hospital. Then when we got home and my nipples started to crack and scab I started to feel like a failure again because all I read was it shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t feel pain and you shouldn’t scab. I was determined and I wasn’t giving up. I pulled off the scabs and feed her anyway. Then about 2 weeks went by and it started to get easier. My nipples started healing and she was latching well. Not only to me but also a bottle! More about this in a different blog post. I was producing what i needed in order to not have to supplement with formula.

So, since for the first ten weeks of her life I was home with her and it was easy to plan my day around the pump and feedings. It was especially easy because I purchased a breast pump that didn’t require you to be plugged into a wall… That’s right it fit right into your bra and was cordless! I first found out about this pump when i google searched breast pumps while i was pregnant. It was amazing! I could do the dishes, laundry, even go to the store if I needed all WHILE PUMPING. I purchased the breast pump called the elvie. It was only sold in he UK AT the time so i put myself on a waiting list for when it hit the US. Turns out that was only a month later. Now if you want one a few stores sell them. Bye bye baby and amazon are the two places i know of other then elive themselves. If you are interested here is the amazon link which is the same cost as in stores and through elvie:

Some links on this page are affiliate links and i may earn a commission if you use them.

Click here for the Elvie Pump

Replacement parts: Breast shield

Replacement parts: Storage bottle

Replacement parts: Spout Kit

Replacement parts: Valve Kit

Once I started back at work it was still so easy with the pump because I could pump while sitting at my desk, while in meetings, and really anytime I felt the need to pump. Elvie is known for being quite. So literally no one knew when I was pumping! Producing and pumping wasn’t hard. It was quite easy actually.

I would wake up and put in my pumps while I was putting on my make up and doing my hair. If for some reason I was running behind I would put them in my bra once I got in my car (I have an hour drive to work) so I would make sure to turn them on the last 20 mins of the car ride. I would bring 1 set of spare parts, 4 extra containers to store the milk once I expressed it. I used the Medela ones which you can find them here. I had a ice pack which you can find here. I had the perfect size lunch kit, it wasn’t too big or too small and you can find it here. You will also need a towel. Assuming you have a refrigerator at your place of employment like I do, I would store my milk in the fridge throughout the day.

I pumped a total of three times while at work. I didn’t worry about cleaning the parts because I would detach them and put them in the refrigerator in my lunch kit with the stored milk. I did this so i wouldn’t have to worry about washing them. Being able to work and stress about how or when I was going to pump was a game changer and I would recommend these products for anyone wanting to produce breastmilk while having a job!

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